Deep Facial Cleanser

You won’t miss out on any of the benefits of a highly effective, extremely powerful facial cleanser when you use DermaFactor’s Residue Reducing Deep Cleanser. In fact, the only things you will miss out on are the harsh chemicals found in many cleansers, which can irritate and damage your skin.

Residue Reducing Deep Cleanser is a full-strength formulation with full-compliment functional ingredients added to our proprietary sensitive skin base formulation, not some watered-down, barely adequate “kiddie” soap that is hypoallergenic, but doesn’t actually do anything.

Harsh cleansers don’t necessarily equate to cleaner skin. Instead, they can upset the delicate pH balance of your skin, irritating it and creating an environment where bacteria can grow, which can lead to unsightly blemishes and damaged, irritated, older-looking skin.

Residue Reducing Deep Cleanser is hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and non-greasy, with clinically proven anti-aging properties, so it’s safe for your sensitive skin, but it also contains gentle, sulfate-free surfactants that emulsify dirt and oils so they can be rinsed away, cleansing your skin while preserving its pH balance for optimal purity.

Residue Reducing Deep Cleanser not only purifies your sensitive skin, but helps protect it from the harmful effects of biological stressors to keep it looking clean, healthy and radiant… gently.

Highly-concentrated (lasts a long time) 6-ounce bottle for only $24.50

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Night Serum


There are a number of products that claim to be for serious deep wrinkles. But DermaFactor’s Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum is not only hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and non-greasy, it’s also a powerful, clinical-strength formula. Our serum contains all the latest, most effective anti-wrinkle ingredients… and nothing else. There are no harsh chemicals, no low-quality “fillers”… nothing but the best ingredients to help your skin look healthier, less wrinkled, and younger.

DermaFactor’s Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum was specifically developed to intensify the Dermal-Epidermal Junction (or DEJ)… that complex layer of cells acting as the interface between the epidermis and the dermis. Experts have long known the DEJ plays a critical role in tissue repair and the soundness of skin architecture. Support of the DEJ can dramatically reduce the appearance of pronounced deep wrinkles, enlarged pores and stubborn surface imperfections. DermaFactor’s Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum contains our revolutionary sensitive skin base formulation, a proprietary, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-greasy formula with clinically proven anti-aging properties. It’s also packed with powerful ingredients designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as key oligogalactomannans purified from the seeds of carob.

Together, these ingredients have been shown to reduce facial redness, accelerate skin repair, and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles and crows’ feet as it targets the Dermal-Epidermal Junction. So not only will DermaFactor’s Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum protect and pamper your sensitive skin, but it will also help you wake up looking younger, more refreshed, and radiant.

Use once or twice a week before bedtime. Just $87 for a 30 ml bottle.


Step1: Wash your face with DermaFactor’s Residue Reducing Deep Cleanser for sensitive skin.

Step 2: Soak a clean facecloth in hot (not scalding) water (wring out excess water) and hold it firmly to your face for thirty (30) seconds or until the towel cools to open your pores and help prepare your skin for the Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum.

Step 3: After vigorously shaking your bottle of Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum for approximately ten (10) seconds, dispense six to eight (6-8) drops into the palm of your hand.

Step 4: Apply Overnight Deep Wrinkle Serum with your fingertips directly to the most pronounced wrinkles at the corners of the eye, between the brow, around the lips and down the nasolabial folds (the deep lines that run from the edge of your nose to the corners of your mouth). Gently spread the remaining serum over the rest of your face. Leave it on overnight, then gently rinse off the next morning.

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Micro Peel

Nobody wants dull, dead, aged skin. That’s why so many of us turn to harsh acid peels for help. But did you know these can actually irritate and damage your skin? And this damage can lead to wrinkles and leathery, aged skin, especially for those of us who have sensitive skin. That’s why DermaFactor developed its Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel Kit for Sensitive Skin. This three-part kit exfoliates and nourishes, sloughing away dead cells to reveal younger-looker, more vibrant skin.

Unlike most acid facial peel kits, which include products that strip your skin of moisture before exfoliating it, DermaFactor’s kit includes an Ultra Nourishing Facial Mask. This goes on first to moisturize, cool, and soothe the skin, gently preparing it for the peel.

The second step in the kit is DermaFactor’s Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel. This revolutionary new product contains proteolytic enzymes, which gently break down the proteins that hold dead skin cells together, effectively giving you all the benefits of a full exfoliation… without requiring you to apply a harsh acid to your delicate skin. Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel also contains additional ingredients to instantly smooth your wrinkles, tighten your skin, and give you a glowing, youthful look.

DermaFactor’s Finishing Skin Shield goes on last to seal the skin and protect it from environmental stressors. It contains a purified fraction of natural oat polyoses that will not only nurture your skin, but also help smooth away the look of your wrinkles.

So throw out those harsh facial peels of the past and let DermaFactor’s Acid-Free Enzyme-Active Micro Peel Kit completely revolutionize the way you care for your skin. This highly effective yet extremely gentle three-part kit is the perfect way to nourish, exfoliate, smooth and tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of your wrinkles, and make you look and feel absolutely amazing.

Each kit contains four once-a-week complete treatments.

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